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Meet Isabel.  Isabel has long been my go-to girl in Monterey, Mexico.  I spend about 5 weeks a year in Monterey as my company has our largest plant there and it takes a lot of my time.  I never hate going there though because I never have to spend a night alone there thanks to Isabel.

Isabel is a married mother of 4 (2 grown up and 2 teens at home).  Her husband works the overnight shift at the plant.  I met Isabel about 5 years ago at a company picnic and we hit it off.  We had some wild drunken sex that night, but I have to admit I’ve fallen a bit for her over the years as we’ve had sex hundreds of times now and I rarely spend a week there with out having her spend the night most nights I’m there.  She had her tubes tied after a dificult fourth child birth and so I never have to suit-up for our fuck-fests.

As any of you with experience know, every pussy is magical and Isabels is more than most.  I’m not going to lie and say that it is tight, because it isn’t, but it is amazing.  She has a soft and slighlty loose opening followed by one of the softest and most puffy love-canals that leads to a huge and firm cervix that feels so amazing as my penis pounds it with every thrust.  Isabel gets only a little wet which allows for just enough lubrication to get the job done, but leaves her shaft just dry enough to rub her soft lining on my prick the duration of the sex without ever just turning into a wet slip-n-slide.  It is a wonderful experience that I never get enough of.


I met Lupe (I think I’ve fucked 4 Lupe’s) in Monterey, Mexico, while doing a plant inspection.  Lupe was an energetic QA specialist who was assigned to give me the plant tour and point out all of the safety equipment, etc.  Not long into the “inspection” all I was inspecting was her tight little body through her blue-jeans and black t-shirt.  I made sure the conversation got the hell off of safety equipment and onto her.  Lupe lived with her dad who worked a 2pm to midnight shift at that same plant. 

Lupe got off at 4pm and I asked her to dinner…. (not going to bore you with dinner) … That went well and I gave her a ride home.  I didn’t invite her to my hotel as I had spent the previous night with Isabel (I’ll tell that story soon, but she’s my Monterey go-to) and she had convinced me to give her a room key and she’d likely be waiting when I went back.

When I got to Lupe’s she actually invited me in and said “My dad won’t be home for a few hours if you want to come in”.  I did and as I came in she said, “I’ve never had sex, but I know that is what you probably have in mind.  Will you be loving with me?”  I was floored.  I had never been the one to take a girls cherry before and this was going to be my first.  I took her to her bedroom and ate her out to get her as wet as possible… Let me tell you she gets sopping wet. 

After she came on my face she asked me to put my penis in.  With a towel in position under her, I positioned my penis and pushed slowly into her wet, tight-as-hell, pussy.  For what seemed like forever it seemed that I wasn’t going to get in and she said, just do it fast.  Okay!!  I pushed hard and felt a glorious “POP” and slid all 7 inches into her at once.  She screamed, then moaned and we proceeded to fuck our brains out over and over.  It felt so good cumming in that virgin vagina. 

When we finished, I helped her to clean up then I took some photos of her glorious body.

I never saw her again as she didn’t work there any more when I returned, but I’ll never foget that feeling as her cherry popped around my hungry dick.


Here goes another story of a beautiful Mexican Woman I’ve had the honor of having sex with - and yes I use their real name and city where they live in case you were wondering.

Kari is an elementary school teacher in Torreon, Mexico.  I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Kari’s town many times and have her on speed dial when I am there.  I met Kari at a Santo’s soccer match (in case you were wondering, watching a soccer game in Torreon is a real experience - Santos fans are among the most passionate in sports).  She was with a couple of girl friends sitting in front of me and was dressed to impress.  We flirted throughout the game - pretending my Spanish isn’t very good always goes a long way to getting into a Mexican Girls pants.  By the end of the game she had come up to my row and left her Girl friends to fend from themselves.  I asked her if I could take her out for dinner after then game and she accepted.

Dinner went well, but I know you don’t give a damn about that so I’ll cut ahead a bit.  After dinner it was obvious that she was mine and I asked her to spend the night with me: she accepted.  But she asked if we could go back to her place so she could change her clothes and get pajamas.  I told her pajamas were not required, but I obliged and we went to her house.  Lucky me, she lived with her parents so I opted to wait for her in the car… meeting a “screws” mom and dad is not on my travel itinerary.

At the hotel she was impressed with my suit and insisted on trying it on… I said only if I could get photos (enjoy them).  Believe it or not, she wasn’t as easy as I’d thought.  We made out most of the night, but I didn’t get into her love canal until about 3 in the morning after much deliberation…. Turns out she had only had sex with one man before and it had been about a year and a half and my dick was much bigger than his.  It was almost like having sex with a virgin (which my next story will be aobut).  Once we did it though she turned into a nympho and I actually fucked her 6 times ejaculating deep in her pussy each time.

About Kari’s pussy: her labia are nearly non existent and when she spreads her legs you see nothing but her fairly large clitoris and the entry to heaven!

Mexican travel tip - Keep condoms available in case she is super easy, but more importantly I always go with “morning-after pills” so the girls will let me go skin on skin because that is always better.


So this is by far the prettiest Mexican girl I’ve ever fucked…

Esmeralda was the secretary of a client of mine in Hermosillo, Mexico.  She and I often flirted over the years.  Then one day I arrived and she told me that Jorge was running late and I could just wait if I wanted.  I got a bit bold and told her I’d only wait if she would make it worth my while.  She knew what I meant, but asked for clarification.  I told her that I’d only wait if whe rubbed my cock until her boss got there.  Ever the flirt, she walked over to me and reached for my cock only to stop inches away and then said she’d onlylet mewait there if I made it worth her while and lifted her blouse and showed a sexy pink bra concealing some little sexy tits.  Needless to say, we made out and rubbed eachother for about 15 minutes before Jorge got there. 

She spent the night with me.  Then the next and the next.  I’ve had sex with her about 20 times and she is my “go-to” in Hermosillo whenever I can’t catch another hottie.

Her pussy has the most unique taste.  Not sure how to describe it.  It is somewhere between salty and almost a little tart… I’ve never had anything like it… Good eats.


So there is a major story that goes with this set… I know she isn’t exactly hot, but I was on a very short trip to Mexico City that was supposed to just be one night, but my meeting got delayed by a day and so I headed back to my hotel mid day.  When I got there, the housekeeper was cleaning (yes the photos are the housekeeper).  I was more than a little frustrated by the fact that I had struck out big time the night before by various prettier women.  So in a “needing a pick-me-up” mood I just asked her if she wanted to have sex with me.

She said, “No lo puedo aqui o me despedirarian.” - I can’t here or I’ll get fired.  I said, “it doesn’t have to be here, we can have sex at your house.”  She didn’t even blush and said “Nunca lo he hecho con un gringo”.  I took that as a yes and gave her a kiss which lasted a while.  She stopped me and wrote down her address and said to be there at 1pm (2 hours later).  She’d go home early and we’d have a couple hours before her kids got home (and her husband)… Game on!!!

Elena has 6… yes 6. children and her pussy is still quite tight inspite of it. Her hubby must have a very small prick, or at least that’s what she was yelling while she rode me.  We were still fucking when her first child came home.  He didn’t catch us luckily and I snuck out while he was in his room. 

This was the first married woman I ever fucked in her own bed.  I recommend the experience to anyone.


Meet Mirle!!!  Mirle (Meer-lay) is a beautiful woman here in Monterey, Mexico.  I’ve been in Monterey the better part of the week working and enjoying the fantastic weather.  Unfortunately, I didn’t meet any new girls on this trip, but that didn’t stop me from having a great time.  In fact, Mirle stayed with me all three nights that I was here and we had a lot of sex, so the trip has been a major success.

I am about to catch a flight, so I’ll have to write more about Mirle another time, but here’s what I will share today.  Mirle loves - and I mean LOVES - sucking my cock.  I’m sure she loves sucking other cocks, but I could give a fuck because when she has mine in her mouth nothing else matters.

Last night was particularly awesome.  I promised a special someone that I wouldn’t have sex last night, so Mirle and I had a fucking amazing oral fest last night as we did 69 and every other imaginable oral goodness last night.  Mirle tastes amazing and is a total screamer when she bucks against my face.

Great trip, great weather and great sex!!! I love Monterey!


Meet Lupe!!!  If it sounds familiar, it should be.  Scoring with Lupe last night made my 7th Lupe.  Yes, Lupe is the most common Mexican Girl name it seems, but 7 was definitely lucky!

I’ve known Lupe for quite some time and have never been able to get past the light flirting stages.  Lupe is a barrista at the coffee shop I always go to here in Mexico City - there really aren’t many good options for good coffee here.  Last night was only the second time she’s let me take her out to dinner and we went to a nice traditional cantina and spent a long time talking and drinking (though we only had two beers each).  As she loosened up she shared all sorts of stuff with me about school, family, blah, blah, blah and I started doubting anything of worth would come from my time invested.  Then out of nowhere she said, “I’ve never had sex with a gringo.”  Then she just kept on talking about her friends from school and apparently her BFF had fucked a white guy and told her that he was lousy and…  I stopped her and said, “Just because one gringo is a lousy lover doesn’t mean we all are.”  And the conversation turned to sex with white guys.

I told her that I would be more than happy to show her that a gringo can be great in bed.  She laughed and said, “You don’t really want me do you?”  All I said was, “Yes I do.”  She laughed and said sounds like fun, but I don’t know if I’m ready.  By this time I was pretty hard under the table and I said “feel my cock and tell me if you want a better look.”  I said that knowing that most Mexican men are tiny in comparison to my 7 1/2 inches.  She reached under the table and gripped my cock, smiled then slid her hand under my pants and gasped slightly and smiled.  I asked if she wanted to see it up close and she paused for what seemed like a long time - never letting go of my shaft and then said softly “Yes I really do.”

"Check Please" - I couldn’t get out of the restaurant soon enough.  It took only a couple of minutes to walk to her apartment; we’d have gone to my hotel, but frankly, she lived closer and it was a matter of urgency at this point.  In her room she quickly removed my pants and briefs, not even bothering to remove my shirt and knelt in front of me.  She took my cock in her hands and said "I’ve never seen one longer than my two hands" as she gripped it with both hands and nearly two inches still stuck out; then she took those two inches into her mouth and proceeded to give me an amazing blow job… this 21 year old Mexican hottie knew what she was doing.  Normally I don’t let a girl finish me in her mouth as I prefer to get the job finished in her pussy, but Lupe was so fucking good with her mouth that I just moaned and let her do her magic.  After a few minutes, I told her I was about to cum and she just kept on going as I shot what felt like gallons of my seed into her mouth.  She devoured almost every last drop other than a small drip that had escaped onto her cheek. 

Upon completion, she stood and we kissed and I licked my dripped cum from her cheek and I began undressing Lupe.  I could already tell she had a fantastic body from her tight pink top and tight jeans, but her body was exquisite and I love her “just-right” amount of pubic hair.  I took her to the bed and laid her down and returned the favor and licked, kissed and orally fucked her pussy.  She was already very wet and I loved the smell and flavor that spilled onto my face.  Withing minutes, she was convulsing as she orgasmed on my face and squirted sweet juices into my mouth.

When she was done I rolled Lupe over and began to take her from behind and she yelled to fuck her rough.  Not one to be too rough usually I obliged and began pounding her wet, wanting pussy.  She yelled at me to spank her and pull her hair which I did and we fucked like that for a couple minutes until I rolled her on to her back again and we kissed and fucked missionary style until she began to cum again.  It was a huge orgasm and it felt as though her pussy was going to crush my cock as I pounded through her cervix with every thrust.  As she was about to subside, I erupted as well and shot stream after stream of my sperm into her wanton womb.

It was heavenly and Lupe and I spooned and cuddled for a while until she remarked “I want that in my pussy again.”  So, we did it again and again.  In fact we did it 5 more times last night and this morning.  We agreed to keep in touch, and hopefully we can get together again when I visit in January.


Meet Lola again!!!  I wrote about my first night with Lola yesterday.  If you remember, she is married and wouldn’t have sex, but we had a fantastic time none the less.

Well over the next year we stayed in contact over email and even the phone.  We’d find excuses to call each other “professionally” to talk about work then we’d talk about our night we’d had and what it’d be like to get together again.  Well, I got a call from my boss saying we were considering adding a vendor in Tijuana and that I needed to go check out their operations.  Well, I didn’t know it was possible to get excited about a trip to Tijuana, but I was fucking excited as hell.

I almost immediately got on the phone with Lola and she all of a sudden sounded like she didn’t know if she’d be around, and I probably didn’t really want to see her, etc.  I was totally caught off guard and asked what was wrong.  She made some lame excuses about having too much work, etc. and I knew she was hiding something so I asked her what it was again and she spilled “I’m pregnant”.  My response totally caught her off guard; I told her I couldn’t wait to see her and asked for photos right away.  I put her at ease and she agreed to meet me while I was there, but that she though getting together for a night would be hard because of her husband being around.  I told her the date I would be there and she got all excited and said that on Sunday nights her husband has to work a 10pm to 8am shift and if I came on a Sunday she’d come spend the night with me in my hotel.

Well, the days passed so slowly leading up to it, but it finally came and I was waiting so anxiously when the knock came on my hotel room door at about 10:30.  She looked radiant and we immediately embraced.  This time there was no resistance.  I quickly lifted her short sundress over her head revealing that she had no panties or bra on.  I was so hard and ready that I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough.  I felt her pussy as we kissed and made our way to the bed.  She was already sopping wet and actually had drips past her knees.  She must’ve been very wet on the way over already.

Now, normally, I do a lot of prep work to make sure my lovers are wet and horny, but as I laid her on the bed she exclaimed, “fuck me, fuck me now!”  And I did.  I slid in and her pussy was soooo loose on entry and so tight on the inside: a combination only found in pregnant pussy.  We kissed and moaned and fucked for what seemed like hours as she shouted and yelled through several orgasms.  Finally, on her sixth orgasm I shot my load deep into her ever so tight vagina.  Being as there was just so little room, I felt my cum pushing and squirting from her vagina as I pumped and pumped.

We lay on the bed basking in our triumph.  We talked and kissed for a few minutes when she reached for my cock and was amazed that it was already hardening again… she’d never been with a man that “got back up” as she put it.  Well I do, and I did and we fucked several times that night before she had to head home in the morning and clean up for her hubby.

We found a way to get together two more times on that trip and I counted 14 loads of my sperm that I planted in her already pregnant womb.  I loved fucking Lola’s pregnant pussy.


I’m back by popular demand!  I hope you enjoy my newest installment in my sexcapades.

Meet Perla!!!  I know what your thinking and I know she isn’t as stunning as some of the girls I’ve fucked and told y’all about, but she was amazing and easily one of the best lovers I’ve been with.  Petra is a 19 year old student and works part time at her dad’s souvenir store in Tijuana.  I actually met Petra a year ago and we sort of hit it off.  Unfortunately, it was just hours before my flight home and I was getting some last minute gifts for my parents.  We exchanged emails and have written off and on since then.

Fast forward to my trip to Tijuana just week before last.  I told her I was coming down and asked her to “give me some incentive to find time for her” while I was there.  Well she did and responded by sending me these hot photos!  Mission accomplished.  I made sure all my nights were free.

She made that choice a good one.  She may look sweet and innocent, but she is an intense lover and very multi-orgasmic.  When I picked her up on my first night there, and asked her where she wanted to go to dinner, she looked at me and said, “I think we can skip dinner.”  Needless to say, but we headed straight back to my hotel and no sooner had I shut the hotel door than she had her arms around me and was passionately kissing me.  Before I knew it, she war undressing me and I actually had to adjust a bit to keep up with her speed.  I barely had time to take it all in when she dropped to her knees and began sucking on my already very hard cock.  Now, those of you who have read my stories know I like giving more than receiving when it comes to oral, but the eagerness with which she took my cock and attempted to deep throat me was amazing and I just took it in for a minute.  She could only get me about half way into her mouth, but it was still great.

After a couple minutes, I lifted her to me and we kissed as I guided her to my bed.  I treated her to a couple orgasms as I ate out her sweet, teenage pussy.  Then it was on.  She rolled me to my back and mounted me cowgirl style and we fucked through about 5 of her orgasms before I exploded and shot my seed deep into her tight, soft pussy…..

I wish I had time to do this story justice, but alas, I don’t.  But believe me when I say that Petra is amazing.  We fucked all four nights that I was there and I returned to Portland sleep deprived and happy.

I’ll make sure to get back to Tijuana and fuck Petra again and again.

Girls play wet and nasty.

Girls play wet and nasty.


Girlfriend Files 133 - 50Grillz

Girlfriend Files 133 - 50Grillz

brittanyluv143 said: Are you white.?

Look at my photos and it’ll be obvious. Yes.

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