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Meet Lola again!!!  I wrote about my first night with Lola yesterday.  If you remember, she is married and wouldn’t have sex, but we had a fantastic time none the less.

Well over the next year we stayed in contact over email and even the phone.  We’d find excuses to call each other “professionally” to talk about work then we’d talk about our night we’d had and what it’d be like to get together again.  Well, I got a call from my boss saying we were considering adding a vendor in Tijuana and that I needed to go check out their operations.  Well, I didn’t know it was possible to get excited about a trip to Tijuana, but I was fucking excited as hell.

I almost immediately got on the phone with Lola and she all of a sudden sounded like she didn’t know if she’d be around, and I probably didn’t really want to see her, etc.  I was totally caught off guard and asked what was wrong.  She made some lame excuses about having too much work, etc. and I knew she was hiding something so I asked her what it was again and she spilled “I’m pregnant”.  My response totally caught her off guard; I told her I couldn’t wait to see her and asked for photos right away.  I put her at ease and she agreed to meet me while I was there, but that she though getting together for a night would be hard because of her husband being around.  I told her the date I would be there and she got all excited and said that on Sunday nights her husband has to work a 10pm to 8am shift and if I came on a Sunday she’d come spend the night with me in my hotel.

Well, the days passed so slowly leading up to it, but it finally came and I was waiting so anxiously when the knock came on my hotel room door at about 10:30.  She looked radiant and we immediately embraced.  This time there was no resistance.  I quickly lifted her short sundress over her head revealing that she had no panties or bra on.  I was so hard and ready that I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough.  I felt her pussy as we kissed and made our way to the bed.  She was already sopping wet and actually had drips past her knees.  She must’ve been very wet on the way over already.

Now, normally, I do a lot of prep work to make sure my lovers are wet and horny, but as I laid her on the bed she exclaimed, “fuck me, fuck me now!”  And I did.  I slid in and her pussy was soooo loose on entry and so tight on the inside: a combination only found in pregnant pussy.  We kissed and moaned and fucked for what seemed like hours as she shouted and yelled through several orgasms.  Finally, on her sixth orgasm I shot my load deep into her ever so tight vagina.  Being as there was just so little room, I felt my cum pushing and squirting from her vagina as I pumped and pumped.

We lay on the bed basking in our triumph.  We talked and kissed for a few minutes when she reached for my cock and was amazed that it was already hardening again… she’d never been with a man that “got back up” as she put it.  Well I do, and I did and we fucked several times that night before she had to head home in the morning and clean up for her hubby.

We found a way to get together two more times on that trip and I counted 14 loads of my sperm that I planted in her already pregnant womb.  I loved fucking Lola’s pregnant pussy.


I just received this message from a gorgeous, virgin, follower of mine.  It made my day and I wanted to share it with all of you.  ENJOY!!!


your blog intrigues me. i stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and i find myself unable to stop scrolling through it.  probably because as a black (biracial) woman who is attracted to white men, i am so drawn to the way you seem to adore black women…

i’ve been single for a while and the more time that passes the hornier i get. i’ve found that my clit is always swollen, always throbbing, always aching for attention. i’ve been imagining your face between my legs, tongue flicking back and forth over my aching sweet spot. you lick up and down my slit, nibbling my smooth lips and then seamlessly ease your fingers inside my quivering pussy, stroking my walls while you continue to suck on my clit.  you do this until i can feel the orgasm swelling inside me; my legs start to quiver, and my breathing is shallow trying to suppress the moans caught in my throat. but my restraint is no match for your expert tongue.  i cum hard, body contorting, juices flowing on your face. and now i’m whimpering for you to fuck me.  i’ve only been in relationships with women and have never had sex with a man. i imagine you lying on top of me, the contrast of our skin so fucking sexy, and you kiss me softly as you slowly ease you stiff cock into my eager awaiting pussy, taking my virginity. the pain only lasts for a moment before i’m overcome with pleasure. you begin to pound into my pussy balls deep. kissing me in between my moans and screams. we continue fucking until my hips start to buck and you send me into my next orgasm, your name escaping my mouth as i cry out in ecstasy.  we fuck in several more positions, sending me into multiple orgasms until finally we cum together, your hot seed filing my dripping pussy. i imagine we then collapse into bed together, you holding me tight as we kiss and cuddle and fondle each other as we sleep.

i think that would be amazing. my pussy has been on fire thinking of it and i just had to write it to you.
anyway… i hope this message made you smile. i’ll be continuing to read and masturbate to your lovely blog.


Meet Lola!!  Lola is a beautiful young woman who lives in Tijuana, Mexico.  I first met Lola at a conference in Mexico City.  She is a vendor manager for a clothing company that manufactures products in Mexico; her job is similar to my own except she works for a competitor to the company I work for.  She and I met at a conference in Mexico City where I was doing a small presentation on how to influence plant safety as a non-employee of the vendor - I know that sounds very interesting to all of you :) . 

After my presentation, Lola came up and we chatted a little about some of the points of my presentation and we joked a bit about working for competitor, etc.  Our conversation kept going and went from work to life… you know, the weather, where we’re from, what our plans were in Mexico City.  She’d attended school in the City and had some pointers on places to see and things to do that I was previously unaware of.  It was close to dinner time and I asked her if she like to continue our conversation over dinner.  She agreed, but told me she had her heart on eating at one of the restaurants in her hotel that served great barbacoa pork.  Turns out she too was staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel - which isn’t very weird since it is the most convenient hotel to the World Trade Center where the conference was being held.  So, we made our way to the hotel restaurant just a block and a half away.

We chatted over dinner and I found out she was married to a politician in Tijuana and had a child (she was not pregnant at this time).  We flirted a lot and even held hands as we left the restaurant.  I invited her to my room and she declined.  Never one to just give up, I invited again and said if she wanted we could just cuddle and watch a movie with no pressure for sex.  She agreed and that is what happened.  We watched a movie on the bed and snuggled.  About half way through I changed into some gym shorts and a t-shirt and I lent her a pair of my shorts as well and she removed her bra from under her shirt.  I smiled and she smacked me softly and said “no sex”. 

As the movie wrapped up I kissed her and she returned the kiss.  The kiss went on and our tongues wrestled and fucked in our mouths and I cupped her breast in my right hand and massaged her upper thigh with my other hand.  She went straight for my cock and actually put her hand into my shorts and underwear and began massaging my cock.  She broke from our kiss just long enough to tell me of her approval of my cock and that she’d never felt a cock so long and thick and then we returned to kissing.  Knowing she had no bra on I lifted her sweater over her head and saw some gorgeous B-cup breasts.  By now she’d removed my shorts and I lifted my own shirt off and we returned to kissing.

This went on for a while and she stood up and pulled off the shorts I’d lent to her and her panties and I knew it was going to happen.  She stood over me and I laid on my back and she positioned her pussy on my cock and held my cock with her hand and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy, labia and clitoris until I was sufficiently lubricated and began to lower herself onto my raging hard-on.  As I felt her vagina open to swallow my engorged member, she did the unthinkable and leaned down, gave me a kiss and said into my ear “no sex” and rolled next to me and laughed.  I couldn’t believe it, but then she began to rub my cock and kiss me some more and said she just wasn’t ready to do that with someone other than her husband, but that she knew she needed that cock in her soon.

Taking my consolation prize, I repositioned myself and ate Lola out while she gave me a very nice hand-job.  The best part is that every time my cock began getting dry she’d reach down to her own pussy and gather her own moisture and use that as lube for the hand job.  It was not sex, but it was really, really fun and we slept in the same bed that night.  The following morning, I returned to Portland and she to Tijuana.

The next time I saw her we did fuck and she was very pregnant (that is where the photos are from).  It happened about a year later on one of my rare visits to Tijuana (I’ve only been there twice because it is the worst place on earth and luckily my company does not do much business there).  I will write the follow-up to this story tomorrow about my sex with a very sexy, pregnant Lola.

I hope you enjoyed this story!


Meet Melanie!!!  Melanie is the second black girl I fucked this weekend and the story is amazing.  Melanie is a senior at Centennial High School here in Portland, OR, and has been exchanging messages with me for about two weeks now.  I didn’t believe she was real at first as the story was too good to be true… I mean what are the odds of a gorgeous 18 year old HS student tracking me down on Tumblr right?

But, to my dismay, Melanie is very real, and very hot (and her name is not Melanie to protect her privacy in case her class mates find this) - if you go to Centennial  you are just going to have to try to guess who this may really be.  She told me how wet and horny my stories made her and she wanted to have sex with me, but wanted it to be special… I specialize in special, so no problem.  I set a date for yesterday and told her to bring ID, because there is no way I’m sleeping with a minor.

To my delight, she showed and had ID and is 18yrs and 4 months.  She is very, not-a-virgin, but she was sexy as hell and wearing a tight black dress that only just covered her chest and went about 2 inches past her ass in length.  We ate dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Downtown and then walked the waterfront to the Hilton on the river where I escorted Melanie to the honeymoon suite with views of the Willamette River and much of downtown. 

In the room, we kissed and undressed each other on the balcony until we got too cold - which didn’t take long and dove under the covers together and kissed and felt one another until she tried to take my cock into her mouth… but I stopped her. I wasn’t about to let this gorgeous girl get me off first, so I laid her on her back and began rubbing and fingering her wet, WET, pussy and licking and sucking gently on her clit.  I built momentum and force until she exploded in a very wet, squirting orgasm all over my face.  I quickly fetched a towel and wiped my face and began kissing her again as she begged me to fuck her tight teen pussy.

I obliged her and rolled her onto her belly with her ass raised slightly in the air and in I slid.  In one long, smooth motion, I slid balls deep into her pussy.  She began to moan and meet my every thrust and orgasmed again in just minutes; she orgasmed three times, in fact, in about 10 minutes and I rolled her onto her back and kissed her deeply as we fucked and fucked.  Finally she erupted in her fifth orgasm, I too climaxed and we stared deeply into each others eyes as I buried my cum in her warm, wet, convulsing vagina.

We retired after that to the jacuzzi and had more fun, but that is a story for tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed this.


Well, I’m not in the mood to write this today, but I figure I owe it to y’all for following.  I had a really long week in Mexico and got stood up by Karen and her sister on Wednesday night and actually went to bed early and alone which I never do in Mexico City.  What’s bothering me though is something more personal and I’m not going to bore you with it, but I only bring it up so you know why I’ve not posted a story in a couple days.

Meet #124… errrr I mean, meet Ariam.  The week was long, but last night was excellent.  I went to the bar in the hotel last night with every intention of just drowning my sorrows in so tequila and really wasn’t even going to attempt to score last night as the day’d been long and I had a slew of morning “to-do’s” this morning.  The server actually knew me by name as I stay at the same hotel every time I visit Mexico City (Crowne Plaza) and I’ve spent many evenings there trolling for women.

I guess I didn’t realize I was such a regular, but my waitress asked me which of the girls in the bar I’d be taking upstairs.  I was taken a-back.  I didn’t realize she’d been paying that much attention to me and I laughed and said “Really, I’m not like that.”  She squeezed my shoulder playfully and said “Yes you are” and then she walked away to check on others.  I felt a little bad since I didn’t really remember her from my other stays.  She was pretty, but not a knock-out.  When she came back with my drink she playfully repeated the question of who I’d be taking up stairs.  I told her I was not in the mood and she laughed and said she didn’t believe me.  She rubbed my shoulder as she walked past and disappeared behind me.

Wait, it hit me, I was now in the mood and I wanted the waitress whose name I didn’t know.  She came back with my meal and repeated the question a third time and I answered “Tu eres la con quien voy a retirar a mi quarto. (You are the one who I’m going to my room with)”  She laughed and said “I don’t think so gringo.”  I followed up with, “Don’t you want to know why the girls always want to go up?”  She blushed and disappeared again, but she kept on coming back and eventually she was sitting down briefly and talking.

Finally, I felt I needed to do something, I wasn’t drinking anymore (I only drink one on a work night) and my food had been gone for a long time, so I said to her “You coming up with me now?”  She squeezed my thigh and said “I’m working until 10, I can’t.”  I said, “I’ll be in room 722 at 10pm waiting for you.”  I left my payment with a nice tip and walked away leaving a kiss on her neck on the way but saying nothing.  It was 9:15 so I wouldn’t have to wait long.  I went up to my room, filled the jacuzzi and waited reading a book.  I figured this one was a 50/50 proposition at best and actually began getting ready for bed and sort of decided I didn’t think it’d happen.

Still, at about 9:55 I propped the door open with the deadbolt lock and got naked and jumped into the hot jacuzzi.  About 10 minutes later I figured she wasn’t coming and was about to get out and shut the door when there was a knock.  I said to come in.  I heard her come in and shut the door behind her.  She asked where I was and I remained quiet until she poked her head through the door and saw me in the tub.  I gestured for her to join me and she smiled and without saying anything removed her shirt and bra and skirt and did a sexy little spin for me to see.  She then sat on the edge of the tub and put her feet in.  I stood up totally naked and she looked at my mostly hard cock and I said, “that’s why they come up.”  She laughed and asked if she could hold it.  I said nothing but stepped closer and she took my penis into one hand then two, then into her mouth.  Just like that she was sucking me off.  I stopped her before I could get close to cumming and said, “you first.  I don’t cum until you do.”  She smiled and I pulled her into the tub and we embraced and kissed and explored one another.

After some fun in the tub, we dried each other off and I took her to the bed where I proceeded to eat her out.  She tried to get into 69 position and I let her and we continued licking, kissing and worshiping the others private regions.  After about 5 minutes or so she began cumming and calling out my name again and again as if my cock had transformed into a microphone.  As her orgasm subsided, she continued sucking my cock, but I had other plans for my seed. 

I rolled her onto her stomach and spread her legs and positioned my cock against her sopping vagina and in one firm long push entered all the way until I felt my penis push past her cervix and my balls smash against her clitoris.  She once again began moaning my name and said it was the best she’d ever felt.  She wasn’t too bad herself, but I had no idea what name to yell when I came.  So we fucked and she just kept on moaning and grunting “I love your cock in me Chris.” and I said nothing, but kept on thrusting deeply into her vagina, my bare cock stretching her to new depths.  She came again and we seperated only long enough for me to roll her onto her back and we began fucking again and kissing as we stared into each others eyes and her name and she smiled, laughed and moaned “Ariam”.  I fucked and kissed Ariam until she began to orgasm on my cock again for the third time, only this time I joined her and we kissed and locked eyes as we experienced a special piece of heaven.

We collapsed and just snuggled naked for a while and then we slept naked in a spooning embrace with my cock against her ass and my hand cupping her natural breast.  When we awoke later, she was a good sport and posed for the photos you see above.

So, while my week’s been pretty shitty, last night was exceptional… there is silver lining on every cloud.


Y’all have seen Sylvia before and I am pretty bummed that I didn’t get any new photos for you, but Sylvia doesn’t even know I have these ones that Karen gave to me.  That said, I have a hell of a story for you.

I was supposed to meet Sylvia in the lobby of my hotel last night and we were going to have dinner and fuck the night away, but she showed up with an angry looking little Mexican dude with her.  Dammit I thought.

She came up and said that this was her boyfriend, Manuel, and that he’d found our email exchanges and that she and I wouldn’t be seeing each other any more because she was now with Manuel 100%.  All the while, he stood there looking tough.  He was about a foot shorter than me and probably about 80lbs smaller than me as well, so I wasn’t going to be intimidated.  I looked right at him and asked “Have you had sex with her yet?”  He said yes and I asked “Did she bleed?”  He said no.  I asked if he knew why she hadn’t and he looked lost.  I told him it was because my cock had already done that work and that she had bled all over my cock before I filled her with my cum.  I told her my cock was the best she’d ever have.

Then I asked Sylvia “Do you love Manuel?” and she said “Yes, very much”.  Then I asked “Do you love my cock more than his?” and she blushed and didn’t say anything.  Manuel then told her to answer and she said yes.  So I turned to Manuel and said “If you want your wife to be happy you’ll let her have this cock because she needs it.  He just stared at me and I asked “Do you want to watch her fuck me? Do you want to kiss her while she fucks me?”  He looked at the ground unable to look me in the eyes and said “Yes, yes I do”.

I reached out and took Sylvia by the hand and said to Manuel, “Follow us.”  He did and we went up to my hotel room.  I couldn’t believe this was happening like this and I was pitching a huge tent in my pants that I saw Manuel staring at.  I told him it’d look a lot bigger going into his girlfriend’s tight pussy.  When we got to the hotel room I didn’t say another word and began kissing Sylvia as I removed her shirt and bra. 

Sylvia looked a little shocked at the events and I kissed her on the mouth and then asked Manuel if he was enjoying this and he nodded and said yes.  So I told him to take off his clothes and show Sylvia it was okay by masturbating while I fucked his beautiful girlfriend.  He did as I told him and was very hard already and very small.  His cock looked about the size mine did when I was just getting my first pubes.  So I pulled down my pants and let my 7 1/2 inches of hard cock spring out and asked what he thought.  He just stared wide-eyed and Sylvia began rubbing it.  I told them to kiss while she rubbed my cock and they did and I could tell that both were really enjoying it.  She began rubbing his too and she looked down at her hands and his fit nicely into her hand with just the tip sticking out from her fist while her hand didn’t make it all the around mine and nearly 4 inches protruded from her hand.

I told her to stop touching Manuels cock until she was done with mine and she did as instructed.  I took her to the bed and laid her on her back and told Manuel to hold my cock straight as I pressed it into his lovers vagina… he asked if I was going to wear a condom and I told him “Shut up and do what you’re told.”  He did and took my engorged cock in his little hands which I could tell were shaking in anticipation and nervousness.  He did it just right and guided me to her little pussy which has only had 3 cocks in it and one was Manuel’s tiny stick and she’d only had mine once… so she felt tight as a virgin almost and I began pushing into her very tight very wet vagina and Manuel let go.  I barked at him to hold it so it didn’t bend at the pressure of her tight hole.  He did and didn’t release until I was in to his hand.  As he released his grip I plunged the rest of the way in until I could feel my cock pushing well past her firm cervix and stretching her womb once again.

Manuel smiled and moved to Sylvia’s side and began kissing her and rubbing her gorgeous breasts as I began fucking her firmly and deeply.  Withing just a couple of minutes she was bucking and screaming as she orgasmed.  Manuel was a good BF and held her hand and told her he loved her as I fucked her and did not stop for her orgasm.  She quivered and squirmed through that and three more orgasms over the next 20 minutes as she and Manuel told each other how much they loved each other and how much she loved my cock.  Manuel kept saying how happy he was seeing her in such a wonderful state. 

As Sylvia began to convulse into a fourth orgasm and I felt her juices pouring onto my balls again I told them I was going to cum and they met in another deep kiss as I pumped my seed deep, deep into her belly.  She moaned how fucking amazing it was.

When we were done, the three of us relaxed in the jaccuzzi where we chatted a bit and I fingered Sylvia as she rubbed my cock.  Without discussion I took her onto my lap in the tub and fucked her from behind while Manuel and her kissed.  We did it again and again around the hotel room and finished up at about 3am this morning. 

As Sylvia and Manuel left, they both thanked me and said that it was the best night of both of their lives.  I told them I’d be back in January and they said they couldn’t wait.  I love it when people can accept their sexual desires and needs and not confuse it with their love.  Sylvia and Manuel will do well together I can tell.