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Back by popular demand: Karen Ramirez of Mexico City.  She’s is my favorite fuck ever.  Enjoy!!!  I have had sex with her so many times you’d think I’d have bored by now, but she is amazing every time… not bad considering she says she’s a lesbian!


Meet Melanie!!!  Melanie is the second black girl I fucked this weekend and the story is amazing.  Melanie is a senior at Centennial High School here in Portland, OR, and has been exchanging messages with me for about two weeks now.  I didn’t believe she was real at first as the story was too good to be true… I mean what are the odds of a gorgeous 18 year old HS student tracking me down on Tumblr right?

But, to my dismay, Melanie is very real, and very hot (and her name is not Melanie to protect her privacy in case her class mates find this) - if you go to Centennial  you are just going to have to try to guess who this may really be.  She told me how wet and horny my stories made her and she wanted to have sex with me, but wanted it to be special… I specialize in special, so no problem.  I set a date for yesterday and told her to bring ID, because there is no way I’m sleeping with a minor.

To my delight, she showed and had ID and is 18yrs and 4 months.  She is very, not-a-virgin, but she was sexy as hell and wearing a tight black dress that only just covered her chest and went about 2 inches past her ass in length.  We ate dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Downtown and then walked the waterfront to the Hilton on the river where I escorted Melanie to the honeymoon suite with views of the Willamette River and much of downtown. 

In the room, we kissed and undressed each other on the balcony until we got too cold - which didn’t take long and dove under the covers together and kissed and felt one another until she tried to take my cock into her mouth… but I stopped her. I wasn’t about to let this gorgeous girl get me off first, so I laid her on her back and began rubbing and fingering her wet, WET, pussy and licking and sucking gently on her clit.  I built momentum and force until she exploded in a very wet, squirting orgasm all over my face.  I quickly fetched a towel and wiped my face and began kissing her again as she begged me to fuck her tight teen pussy.

I obliged her and rolled her onto her belly with her ass raised slightly in the air and in I slid.  In one long, smooth motion, I slid balls deep into her pussy.  She began to moan and meet my every thrust and orgasmed again in just minutes; she orgasmed three times, in fact, in about 10 minutes and I rolled her onto her back and kissed her deeply as we fucked and fucked.  Finally she erupted in her fifth orgasm, I too climaxed and we stared deeply into each others eyes as I buried my cum in her warm, wet, convulsing vagina.

We retired after that to the jacuzzi and had more fun, but that is a story for tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed this.


I’m back by popular demand!  I hope you enjoy my newest installment in my sexcapades.

Meet Perla!!!  I know what your thinking and I know she isn’t as stunning as some of the girls I’ve fucked and told y’all about, but she was amazing and easily one of the best lovers I’ve been with.  Petra is a 19 year old student and works part time at her dad’s souvenir store in Tijuana.  I actually met Petra a year ago and we sort of hit it off.  Unfortunately, it was just hours before my flight home and I was getting some last minute gifts for my parents.  We exchanged emails and have written off and on since then.

Fast forward to my trip to Tijuana just week before last.  I told her I was coming down and asked her to “give me some incentive to find time for her” while I was there.  Well she did and responded by sending me these hot photos!  Mission accomplished.  I made sure all my nights were free.

She made that choice a good one.  She may look sweet and innocent, but she is an intense lover and very multi-orgasmic.  When I picked her up on my first night there, and asked her where she wanted to go to dinner, she looked at me and said, “I think we can skip dinner.”  Needless to say, but we headed straight back to my hotel and no sooner had I shut the hotel door than she had her arms around me and was passionately kissing me.  Before I knew it, she war undressing me and I actually had to adjust a bit to keep up with her speed.  I barely had time to take it all in when she dropped to her knees and began sucking on my already very hard cock.  Now, those of you who have read my stories know I like giving more than receiving when it comes to oral, but the eagerness with which she took my cock and attempted to deep throat me was amazing and I just took it in for a minute.  She could only get me about half way into her mouth, but it was still great.

After a couple minutes, I lifted her to me and we kissed as I guided her to my bed.  I treated her to a couple orgasms as I ate out her sweet, teenage pussy.  Then it was on.  She rolled me to my back and mounted me cowgirl style and we fucked through about 5 of her orgasms before I exploded and shot my seed deep into her tight, soft pussy…..

I wish I had time to do this story justice, but alas, I don’t.  But believe me when I say that Petra is amazing.  We fucked all four nights that I was there and I returned to Portland sleep deprived and happy.

I’ll make sure to get back to Tijuana and fuck Petra again and again.


Meet Sarah!!!  Sarah is one of my faithful followers here in Portland, OR. and her husband and her have been wanting to set something up for a little while now and this weekend it finally happened. 

When I got back from Mexico on Friday night I met Sara’s husband and we talked about the details to make sure we were on the same page.  Last thing I want is an unhappy hubby here in Portland trying to hunt me down.  So we met for drinks and set up the plan for me to meet them at their place on Saturday night and go to dinner then head back to their house for the fireworks.

Well, we did just that.  The evening Sara was my date and Daniel held the doors for us and attended to our needs and everything.  Sara and I held hands and cuddled at dinner while Dan sat across from us and made sure the waiter kept our drinks full and even watched attentively as we kissed in the booth.  After the dinner, Dan paid the bill and escorted Sara and I to the car where we kissed in the back seat as he drove us to his house.  I removed Sara’s shirt and bra and she unzipped my pants in the back taking out my hard, long, thick cock.

After letting me suck on her huge DD boobs for a minute, she bent down and began sucking my cock in the back seat as her husband drove us home.  He was silent in the front as he listened to his wife slurping my cock.  I stopped her and we returned to kissing and fondling one another all the way until we pulled into their garage.

Once the garage shut we went into the house.  At this point, my pants were fully removed and Sara was topless as Daniel escorted us to the couples bed room.  He had candles around the room and rose petals on the bed. As we entered the room I finished taking of my and her clothes and by the time we were fully naked, Dan had lit all the candles and turned off the lights.  Daniel took a seat on a large chair by the bed and I laid the gorgeous Sara on the bed and spread her legs open.  As her pussy lips spread apart they made a slurping sound as they fully opened and her juices spilt out a little.  We kissed as I began fingering her with one then two then the then four fingers.  She was a little tight, but seemed to enjoy the stretching.  I attempted to insert my thumb as well, but that was not in the cards.  Finally, Dan said, “Please fuck my wife now.” 

That’s all I was waiting for and I know that Sara was dying to have it too.  Not breaking our kiss, I positioned my cock against her vagina and in I slid.  She was so wet and her cervix was so swollen it felt she was swallowing my cock inside her vagina.  We thrust in perfect rythem until she began to scream out in orgasm and sunk her nails into my back…  The pain and enjoyment sent me over the edge and I exploded spurt after spurt of my seed into her soft, wet, swollen pussy.

We collapsed in a passionate kiss and embraced and lay there until we fell asleep in eachothers arms… my cum drying to her pussy lips and thighs.  Daniel retired to the couch and made us breakfast in the morning.

We have a second date scheduled for tomorrow night, so stay tuned for that.

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Meet Isabel.  Isabel has long been my go-to girl in Monterey, Mexico.  I spend about 5 weeks a year in Monterey as my company has our largest plant there and it takes a lot of my time.  I never hate going there though because I never have to spend a night alone there thanks to Isabel.

Isabel is a married mother of 4 (2 grown up and 2 teens at home).  Her husband works the overnight shift at the plant.  I met Isabel about 5 years ago at a company picnic and we hit it off.  We had some wild drunken sex that night, but I have to admit I’ve fallen a bit for her over the years as we’ve had sex hundreds of times now and I rarely spend a week there with out having her spend the night most nights I’m there.  She had her tubes tied after a dificult fourth child birth and so I never have to suit-up for our fuck-fests.

As any of you with experience know, every pussy is magical and Isabels is more than most.  I’m not going to lie and say that it is tight, because it isn’t, but it is amazing.  She has a soft and slighlty loose opening followed by one of the softest and most puffy love-canals that leads to a huge and firm cervix that feels so amazing as my penis pounds it with every thrust.  Isabel gets only a little wet which allows for just enough lubrication to get the job done, but leaves her shaft just dry enough to rub her soft lining on my prick the duration of the sex without ever just turning into a wet slip-n-slide.  It is a wonderful experience that I never get enough of.

I wish that were me. Any black girl want to volunteer? Shoot me an email:

I wish that were me. Any black girl want to volunteer? Shoot me an email:

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So there is a major story that goes with this set… I know she isn’t exactly hot, but I was on a very short trip to Mexico City that was supposed to just be one night, but my meeting got delayed by a day and so I headed back to my hotel mid day.  When I got there, the housekeeper was cleaning (yes the photos are the housekeeper).  I was more than a little frustrated by the fact that I had struck out big time the night before by various prettier women.  So in a “needing a pick-me-up” mood I just asked her if she wanted to have sex with me.

She said, “No lo puedo aqui o me despedirarian.” - I can’t here or I’ll get fired.  I said, “it doesn’t have to be here, we can have sex at your house.”  She didn’t even blush and said “Nunca lo he hecho con un gringo”.  I took that as a yes and gave her a kiss which lasted a while.  She stopped me and wrote down her address and said to be there at 1pm (2 hours later).  She’d go home early and we’d have a couple hours before her kids got home (and her husband)… Game on!!!

Elena has 6… yes 6. children and her pussy is still quite tight inspite of it. Her hubby must have a very small prick, or at least that’s what she was yelling while she rode me.  We were still fucking when her first child came home.  He didn’t catch us luckily and I snuck out while he was in his room. 

This was the first married woman I ever fucked in her own bed.  I recommend the experience to anyone.


So, I hope y’all enjoy this set.  This is the first time I’ve posted photos of myself.  This is a few photos from a girl I fucked on a business trip in Hermosillo, Mexico.  Sandra was insatiable.

I think she sucked me off at least 6 times during the week I was there.  I met her in the hotel lobby where her uncle was performing as a member of a Norteno Banda.  We hit it off and she spent every night with me while I was there.  I gave her a fake name, so I’ve never heard from her since, but damn I think about her a lot.  She was no virgin, but she was tight as hell and had no problem with me riding bare-back and never cared if I pulled out… AMAZING.

Everyone should have business trips to Mexico.